Anguilla Beaches

Anguilla Beaches

Anguilla is a beach island.  Sixteen miles long and not very wide (three miles at the widest point), in the narrowest places on the island you can actually walk from an Anguilla beach on one shore to a beach on the other in a couple of minutes!  Anguilla boasts 33 beaches, all of which are open to the public and absolutely picture-perfect, the kind of beaches you thought you could only dream about.  Below is a list of the best Anguilla beaches.


Beach Description Codes
Sw Swimming
Sn Snorkeling
R Beachfront restaurant
V Views
H Fishing boat harbor
U undertow and heavy waves (not for swimming)
Ro Rocky beach

Anguilla Beach Descriptions

Barnes Bay Sw, Sn, R
Blowing Point Sw, Sn, R, ferry point
Captains Bay             V, U   
Cove Bay          Sw, R, best beach for children   
Crocus Bay    Sw, Sn, R, boating 
Forest Bay                  Sn, R
Island Harbour R, H
Junks Hole Bay    R, Ro
Limestone Bay                Sw, Sn, V (cliffs)   
Little Bay       Sw, Sn (best)   
Little Harbour    Sw, R
Long Pond Bay                  V, Ro, U
Maundays Bay             Sw, R
Meads Bay Sw (gentle waves), Sn, R
Merrywing Bay             Sn, Ro
Mimi Bay    Sw (no surf at all)
Rendezvous Bay                Sw, R, V   
Sandy Ground       R (also known as Road Bay), H   
Sandy Hill Bay  Sn, H 
Savannah Bay                  Sw, perfect waves for boogie boarding
Scilly Cay              

Sw, Sn, R, snorkeling equipment rentals

Shoal Bay West

Sw, Sn, R, activities, glass bottom boat rides

Turtle Cove             V
Winward Point Bay  V, U