Anguilla public transportation

Anguilla Ground Transportation

Anguilla Transportation:  Buses, Taxi, and Bike, Scooter, and Car Rental.

Anguilla Taxis

Taxis in Anguilla run on fixed rates based on destination, not meters.  Taxi rates will run anywhere from $6 to $24, depending on where you want to go; they may charge extra for extra luggage (over 2 pieces) and per person over the initial 2 passengers.  Anguilla is so small that it is easy to walk most places and take a taxi when you want to travel a little farther.  Tours by taxi are also available; these will cost $40 with a 2 hour maximum.  We are travel partners with the Park City Transportation Guide in Park City Utah too, just in case you want to go skiing after your tropical vacation.


There is no bus service in Anguilla.

Anguilla Bike and Scooter Rental

On a small tropical island with no major inclines, what better way to get around than renting a bike or scooter?  For just $10 to $20 a day you can ride around with the wind in your hair with no car roof to get in the way of your perfect tan! 

Bike Rental

Exotic Plus (264) 497-8528 The Valley
Multiscenic Bike Rental (264) 497-5810  
Boo’s Cycle Rentals  (264) 497-2323 Water Swamp

Scooter Rental

The scooter rental companies will be able to sell you the necessary temporary permit.  A quick word of warning:  While the roads in Anguilla are flat and the speed limit is slow, the roads are not necessarily ideal for inexperienced riders.  There are potholes and road damage, and other drivers do not always obey the speed limit.

A & S Scooter Rentals (264) 497-8803  
On 2 Scooter Rentals   (264) 235-0966  
Boo’s Cycle Rentals  (264) 497-2323 Water Swamp

Anguilla Car Rentals

If you do decide to rent a car during your stay in Anguilla, you have plenty of options.  There are twelve Anguilla rental car agencies on the island, some at the airport and some spread out in other locations, so no matter where you are, there is a company close by happy to rent you a car.  Along with your driver’s license from home, you will need to purchase a temporary Anguilla driver’s license for $20, available at the rental agency.  Oh, and be ready to drive on the left side of the road!