island of Anguilla

The Island of Anguilla

Anguilla Vacation & Travel Information

Don’t be fooled by the small size of the island of Anguilla, this sixteen mile long island is packed with personality, luxury, and the more beautiful beaches than you could ever imagine on many islands twice it’s size.  Despite how amazing Anguilla is, it is still somewhat unknown, so now is the time to visit, before everyone catches on!  Anguilla travel is sure to increase over the years.

With thirty-three beaches in such a small area, Anguilla is definitely a snorkeling, swimming, and sunning haven, but there are so many other activities this island has to offer.  Sailboat rides are common, as are glass bottom boat tours where you can see all of the amazing sea creatures that call the Anguilla Caribbean home.  A boat tour around the island to the cays located just offshore is a definite must for any Anguilla vacation.  If you need a day away from your resort, take a museum tour or wander around town, where there is a plethora of shops to buy native clothing and crafts.  Anguilla also has golf courses sure to impress even the most discriminating golfer.

The dining choices on Anguilla are endless, and we urge you to try as many different restaurants as possible, because they are each so unique.  There is true world-class cuisine, everything from French gourmet to home-style Italian, but perhaps nothing beats the authentic Anguillan barbecue, just follow your nose to the nearest beachside grill and your taste buds will thank you!

At night Anguilla truly comes to life.  There is live music and dancing all over the island just about every night.  Whether you prefer reggae and calypso, or romantic guitar and piano, you will not be disappointed in what Anguilla has to offer.  How about a moonlit stroll on the beach?  So far away from city lights, you will see more stars in the dark sky than you ever imagined existed.

No matter how you choose to spend your Anguilla vacation, the memories you take with you will be priceless.  Never have you met friendlier locals, tasted such amazing food, or seen more brilliant colors than you will on Anguilla.  One trip here is never enough, come visit Anguilla and you will return to experience it again many times.

Tip: If you find yourself in love with Anguilla then you may want to also check out the two nation island of St. Maarten-St. Martin.

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